New SMART SCREEN™ from Simpsons

The next generation of smart technology for bathrooms, leading bathroom brand Simpsons is excited to introduce its latest innovative design; the new SMART SCREEN™ shower enclosure.

You take your phone to the toilet so why not stay social in the shower? Simpsons’ latest fully integrated touch screen shower enclosure features pioneering new technology that allows users to get clean and stay online. Perfect for Facebook stalking (guilty?) and keeping your Snapchat story updated 24/7, the SMART SCREEN™ is a must-have for Candy Crush addicts everywhere. 

Featuring the ultimate surround sound system and shower handset microphone, the ingenious Karaoke app allows you to release your inner Tina Turner, whilst the built in HD camera features instant facial recognition – because who doesn’t want to FaceTime your Nan in the shower?

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS – Did we catch you out?
Whilst the idea of staying social in the shower is probably not that far away, the idea of FaceTiming your Nan in the shower is a little unusual and we’re not planning on launching this revolutionary new product just yet! However if the SMART SCREEN caught your eye, you’ll be pleased to hear we genuinely do offer an innovative digital range that enables you to start your shower wirelessly using our web-based mobile app!