Posted on 18th September, 2015

Crosswater Supports National Burns Awareness Campaign

Crosswater has fitted all of their shower safety valves with cartridges to prevent sudden temperature changes and an automatic shut off mechanism is also built in, in the event of cold water failure. The valve is completely cool to the touch, which is different to most exposed valves. Thermostatic or digital valves also allow the temperature to be set to reduce the risk of scalding.

Contact with any source of heat can cause a thermal burn or scald injury. A burn can result from contact with a heat source such as hot metal or liquid, electricity and steam. (St John Ambulance Services). The smart safety features of a Crosswater Cool Touch-Safe shower mixer ensures that its unique, functional design minimises the risk of burning in the bathroom due to the limited heat transfer that can be transmitted through metal shower handsets and hoses.

Amanda Redman MBE is the patron of the initiative for the BMA and the National Burn Awareness Day is 21st October 2015.  For more information visit

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