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AXENT.ONE: Meet The Designers


May 17, 2018 2:10 pm

Only if you dare to do something new, to cross borders, you can experience new knowledge.”

This is the philosophy behind Matteo Thun’s work, one half of the duo that designed AXENT.ONE, the new intelligent toilet. The work of the company is based on aesthetic and technical durability with a strong belief in healthy living. With its iconic form and intelligent design, AXENT.ONE is the creative product of Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez who worked together with a large team of engineers to ensure that the concept met the requirements set by the 21st century user.

We caught up with the inimitable design duo to talk us through the concept of the AXENT.ONE smart toilet, from concept to creation.



Tell us about the AXENT.ONE smart toilet’s key features, and how they can help improve daily hygiene routines. 

The AXENT.ONE is designed to clean you with water while you use it. This is much more hygienic than using toilet paper and quicker than a bidet. The freshening effect of water will leave you with a feeling of fragrant cleanliness, just like after a shower.

Why do you think the UK has trailed behind its Eastern counterparts when it comes to cleansing with water after using the toilet? Is the Smart Toilet becoming more accepted in the UK? 

The toilet hygiene culture in Europe is primarily driven by using paper. This is in stark comparison to countries like Japan, for example, which acknowledges that shower toilets are more hygienic and far better for the environment. The common use of a bidet system is only prevalent in parts of Southern Europe. It is our prediction that the shower toilet will become more and more common in the UK due to the wider offering in the market and its communication.



How important were the aesthetics when it came to designing AXENT.ONE? 

The easy, natural handling and aesthetically essential design of AXENT.ONE combine tactile sensitivity and ergonomic comfort. The shower toilet fits in with every bathroom style, with its extremely simple lines. Due to the simplicity of its design, each smart feature creates optimal conditions for individual user behaviours.

“Simple design language and intuitive operation – that is our motto. The shower toilet AXENT.ONE is hygienic, aesthetic and natural. More than just a normal toilet.” – Matteo Thun



How does the AXENT.ONE compare to other models on the market? 

AXENT.ONE inspires through its simplicity and puts an intuitive use of the shower toilet in the focus. The innovative, invisible technology is concentrated in a single control dial – the ‘ONE Solution’ = a simple, aesthetic multifunction knob. All relevant settings for the shower process, such as the starting and stopping of washing, selecting water temperature and water quantity are precisely adjusted by the ONE Solution, and can be regulated effortlessly by a simple twist.

How do you see home technology developing in the next 10 years? Particularly with reference to the bathroom space. 

The smart home will become a common platform for communication in the house and as a result, change our use and habits. This trend will spread to the bathroom; a room, which at present is fairly standard in design and simplistic in function. The first developments have been presented.



Discover more about the AXENT.ONE here.