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How To Mix and Match Materials In The Bathroom

The all-white bathroom scheme has been a safe and popular option over the years but, after such a long phase of beige, neutral and earthy tones, more and more people are now being drawn to a strong and striking bathroom design – one which is more bold and personal.

One trend that we’ve seen becoming particularly popular is the ability to mix and match, and incorporate different finishes throughout your bathroom. In this way, all traditional rules towards interior design have gone out the window!

One of the great things about this approach to design is that it is extremely flexible, giving you the luxury of a choice of finishes – plus the idea of mixing materials adds a special interest, richness and depth to your design scheme.

In this way, when it comes to home décor, you can combine colours, materials and patterns to an effect that reflects your unique personality and style.

A developing theme is that several colours and textures are being used in coordination with each other that might appear, at first glance, to contradict one another in a mixture of styles.

Gold, platinum, brass and copper are being included as metallic accents and design highlights, while black is being used on its own, but also to create a contrast to richer tones.

The timeless beauty and elegance of marble, paired with the warmth of natural wood, is another design trend that has gained enormous popularity. This look has increasingly extended to the bathroom, where homeowners are looking to bring a touch of exclusive sophistication.

The key to taking the bathroom to the next level lies in the small, often overlooked, details. Focusing on accessories, taps, showerheads and rails can often create a great impact with a minor amount of bold colour.

Our new Italy collection is offered in 49 colour combinations and gives life to true customisation in the bathroom through combining metals, natural stone and marble. With base finishes ranging from Brushed Black, Polished Metallic, Yellow Gold and Polished Rose Gold, and handle finishes including Quartzite Velvet, Polished Graphite, Crema Nuova Velvet and Polished Guatemala, there is a made-to-order colour combination to suit every home. From city sleek to country pad, the Italy collection provides the perfect final luxurious detail in any bathroom.

Therefore, when it comes to bathroom décor, homeowners can combine colours, materials and patterns to create an effect that reflects their own personality and unique style. Mix and matching can be applied to the fine finishes, elegant fittings and timeless accessories to create that luxurious feeling and help your bathroom achieve that beautiful look.

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