Innovative Bathroom Storage

Maximise your bathroom space with some of our innovative storage solutions that are the perfect way to emphasise the size of a small room.

A cleverly designed bathroom with hidden storage will clear away clutter to create a relaxing environment that is still stylish as well as practical. Deep drawers with multiple compartments seen in Bauhaus’ unit and basin options or single drawer consoles are perfect for organising the bathroom and keeping all your toiletries nearby. Each design has a wide range of optional extras to ensure there is a style to suit your lifestyle.



For a fully functional yet on-trend storage option, the slimline design of the Bauhaus tower units feature height adjustable shelves and reversible left/right hand door openings to ensure they fit in any size bathroom. The wall-hung option allows you to conceal all your bathroom essentials including toilet paper, towels and even a laundry basket.



Our mirrored bathroom cabinets also add much needed room to store away all your toiletries and can be hung high enough to keep medicines out of reach from young children. Each cabinet features integrated lighting with a motion sensor on and off switch for a modern finish. Choose from single or double door styles for a versatile piece of bathroom furniture that conveniently fits into any space.