Digital Showers

Digital Showers

Wonderfully clever and yet beautifully simple, the Crosswater digital shower gives you complete control over your bathroom.

No hot or cold surges, no wondering whether the shower’s warm enough. Simply turn it on with the touch of a button, precisely adjust the flow and temperature, and when the softly lit LEDs stop flashing and glow white, step in - the water’s perfect. 

There are three control options available: single shower, dual shower, and dual shower and bath flow, and for extra convenience you can even install an additional remote control. So whatever your shower style, you can bring sophisticated, affordable technology to your bathroom.

The clean, subtle design of our digital showers allows them to blend seamlessly into every style of bathroom - and that’s what makes them unique.

Our digital showers are fashioned in metal and chrome with touches of ceramic, ensuring a perfectly premium, yet affordable, finish. Choose from three different trim styles combined with one of our numerous shower kits to create your ideal look.