Smart technology meets smooth functionality

Dial is the latest in push button shower technology which enables you to precisely control the flow of the water as well as the temperature. This innovation not only looks smart with 4 designs, it’s smart on the inside using pioneering flow control technology. Available in both single and double outlet options, Dial is a step forward in on/off and water flow control technology with the touch of a button. This allows for total control over your bathing and showering experience.

The advantages of DIAL valves

Single or double outlet options

Your choice of outlet is one of the most important features to fine-tune your showering or bathing experience. The flexibility of Dial allows you to choose from several options, from the simplicity of a single outlet or the versatility of a double outlet.

Suitable for both bath and shower areas

The double outlet is perfect for operating a bath filler with a handset or shower. All of which can be used at the same time or independently for a complete solution to your bathing rituals.

The Dial Collection