Stand out by Blending In

The clean, subtle design of our digital showers allows them to blend seamlessly into every style of bathroom – and that’s what makes them unique.

Our digital showers are fashioned in metal and chrome with touches of ceramic, ensuring a perfectly premium, yet affordable, finish. Choose from three different trim styles combined with one of our numerous shower kits to create the ideal look for your bathroom.

Precise Controls

We’ve made showering even simpler. Turn on the water by gently pressing the control dial, and watch the controls flash white as the shower heats up. When they stop flashing and begin to glow, the water’s just how you like it – so step in and enjoy.

We’ve also given you more control. Both temperature and flow can be adjusted precisely to give you a perfect shower every time, while on our dual outlet digital showers and shower baths you can switch easily between outlets with a simple touch. 

Enhance your showering experience even further with the optional remote control. Used to switch the shower on and divert between showerheads, the remote can be installed anywhere within 10m of the shower for your ultimate convenience.

Safety First And Always

No need to worry about fluctuating temperatures or surges of hot or cold water. Our digital shower processor closely monitors the temperature of your shower or bath to ensure it stays at exactly as set – even if someone is using water elsewhere in the house.

If you adjust the temperature, the unique colour-changing controls will flash red as the water heats up, then blue while it’s cooling down. Once it reaches your desired temperature the controls glow white to let you know it’s ready. And if there’s a problem with your water or power supply, the flow will shut off completely – ensuring you always have a safer shower.

Key Features


Find the perfect shower temperature with precise and sophisticated controls. A built-in thermistor checks every tenth of a second to ensure the water stays as close as possible to the set temperature.


When you switch on the shower the controls flash white as the water heats up to the set temperature. If you adjust the temperature, the LEDs flash red to let you know when the water is warming up and blue when it’s cooling down. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the controls stop flashing and glow white.


Divert the flow quickly and easily between outlets with just a few touches. Press the lower control once to divert from the main showerhead to the second, and again to run both at once. In a shower bath, one touch switches from bath flow to the showerhead.


Shower controls are kept completely separate from the water in the valve, which means they always stay cool and safe to touch.


Fit an additional remote control anywhere outside of the shower enclosure and within 10m of the digital shower. The remote can be used to turn the shower on and off, or to divert between showerheads.


The advanced thermostatic control automatically keeps the water at the set temperature - even if someone turns on a tap.


If your water or power supply fails, the shower will turn off completely – keeping you and your family safe.


Get high pressure showering with less noise; the integrated pump on our low-pressure models features an extra quiet brushless motor.


Choose from options for single showerheads, dual showerheads, and dual bath and shower flow with bath filler with click clack waste.


Each digital processor has a pre-set maximum temperature of 41°C, and as bath temperatures are usually higher, the bath flow of the dual outlet shower bath is pre-set at 44°C. Both can be overridden and adjusted to 46°C.


Activate to clean the controls without accidentally turning on your shower. Simply press and hold the power button to enable cleaning mode, which lasts for 1 minute.


Save time and money. Push fit isolation valves and a standard electrical plug fitting, as well as easy to set up cable connections, make the shower extremely simple to install.


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