Digital Showers

Technical Details

At the core of our digital shower is the innovative digital processor, which contains sophisticated technology that controls and monitors the temperature, flow, and safety.


For your digital shower installation your plumber may need to know the exact size of the digital processor, so we’ve added dimensions for each model opposite.

*For both shower/shower and bath/shower processor dimensions.

Installation Guides

The digital processor can be installed in a few different locations depending on the layout of your bathroom and your own preferences. Whatever you choose, it will be discreetly hidden out of sight.


Take a look at our installation video for a step by step guide




Water Systems

Understand which water system you have in your home using our diagrams.

If you have a mains high-pressure, combination boiler, or pump-assisted system, choose one of our high-pressure digital showers. If you have a gravity-fed system, you’ll need a low-pressure option with an integrated pump. Our pumps have extra quiet brushless motors, so you won’t have to worry about too much noise.