Technical Details

At the core of our digital shower is the innovative digital processor, which contains sophisticated technology that controls and monitors the temperature, flow, and safety.

  • 1Solenoid Valves

    If the cold water supply stops or there’s a power failure, the solenoid valves will shut off the flow instantly. Two valves allow both outlets to be safely used at once, offering total peace of mind.

  • 2Push-Fit Isolation Valves

    The hot and cold water isolation valves allow you to isolate your water supply without having to switch it off at the mains.

  • 3Brushless Pump

    Our low-pressure digital shower has a built in pump that boosts the water pressure to 1.5 bar. It uses a brushless motor, which is much quieter and more efficient than conventional brushed motors.

  • 4Temperature Thermistor

    The built-in thermistor checks the temperature of incoming water every 10th of a second, ensuring it’s kept as close as possible to the set temperature.

  • 5Flühs Ceramic Cartridge

    The highly reliable Flühs ceramic cartridge lies at the heart of the digital shower. It’s controlled by a stepper motor, and automatically mixes the hot and cold water.

  • 6Push-Fit Electrics

    Simple, push-fit twist and lock electrical cables ensure there is no need to go inside the digital processor to set up the shower.