Posted on 20th October, 2006

Frameless fashion

With less metalwork to distract the eye, this frameless shower enclosure will also help maximise the space in a small bathroom, leaving the line of vision free from obstruction. However, what really makes Simpsons' shower enclosures stand out from the crowd is the sheer quality of their construction. Offered with a lifetime guarantee, the Classic door is made from 8mm toughened glass with heavy duty aluminium supports. It is also power shower and steam proof to ensure flooring stays bone dry however invigorating the shower experience. Perfect for enclosing a built-in showering area, side panels can also be added to create a three-sided shower enclosure and the choice of silver, white or gold finish ensures a design style to suit all tastes. Those who prefer more privacy in the shower will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to opt for a block print door, which boasts frosted instead of clear glass, while a more traditional look can be achieved by selecting Simpsons' Victorian-style patterned glass. The frameless hinged door with inline panel comes in three widths - 1000mm, 1100mm and 1200mm - and costs around £995. For more information on Simpsons, please call 0845 873 5808 or visit

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