Posted on 29th February, 2008

Corner comforts with the Supreme

Whether room is at a premium or you would like a separate showering space to your bathtub, simplify it Simpsons' Supreme! The corner access creates an extra-wide doorway making it feel more spacious inside and out and, with easy-glide sliding doors, it's also completely self-contained so there's no need to allocate additional space for door opening. With sleek lines and polished glass, the Supreme corner entry is as stunning as it's practical. Available in a silver, white or gold finish, you can complement brassware or create a colour scheme of your choice. The Supreme Corner Entry enclosure comes with a lifetime guarantee and is available with ClearShield Glass Protection which acts as a lasting protective barrier on the surface of the glass, making it easy to clean and keep the shower looking brand new. For more information on Simpsons products, please call 0845 873 5808 or visit

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