Posted on 23rd June, 2008

Showering with the light fantastic Rio

Embracing the wellness-enhancing affects of chromotherapy principles, which use coloured lights to rejuvenate or relax, the Rio shower head provides a spectrum of stunning colour effects to help wake you up in the morning or soothe you at night. It is scientifically proven that reds, oranges and yellow stimulate the senses. Conversely, blues, greens and violets are deemed to relax key brain receptors to help aid a peaceful night's sleep. The iridescent effect achieved allows the possibility of a unique showering experience and, with a multitude of colour-combinations available, can enhance the interior design of any bathroom and keep it looking fresh and appealing. Retailing at £2499, and engineered to the highest standards, Rio is a design masterpiece that is sure to create a stunning focal statement and, constructed to Crosswater's prestigious manufacturing criteria, is assured to stand the tests of time. For peace of mind, the Rio comes with a 15-year guarantee, as standard. For more information on Crosswater products, please call 0845 873 8840.

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