Crosswater Digital


How does the digital controller work?
The controller is hard wired to the processor and the data cable communicates the information.

What happens if you leave shower running?
The shower will automatically switch off after 45 minutes.

What happens in the event of a power cut?
If you are having a shower and you have a power cut, the shower can still be operated up to 20 minutes with Duo and Elite’s battery back up that’s fitted in the processor. This is so the shower valves can close down safely and you can finish off showering.

I live in a hard water area - will the unit get clogged up if it’s not used for a few days?
This unit is ideal for hard water areas as the valves in the processor move every 24 hours to prevent the build up of lime scale. There is also a thermal disinfection system that can be operated manually on both Duo and Elite. This operation flushes the system through for 5 minutes followed by cold water to rinse it through. Thermal disinfection can be stopped at any time by pressing the top control.

Do you need batteries for the controller?
There is no need for batteries in the controller as the processor unit powers it.

Can you tell me more about the built in diverter within the controller?
Single, duo and three-way outlets have been designed to function by a single wall pad with integral controls. Solo has one single control with a shower and bath design option that will divert to your shower or bath outlet only. Duo has two controls that can alternate the water flow between two outlets including a bath, showerhead, shower handset, bath filler or bath handset. Elite can accommodate the water flow for three outlets including the main shower and handsets to your bath or shower outlets.

Where can I site my processor?
As long as the processor is fully accessible, ideally it should be situated in a loft, airing cupboard or underneath the bath.

What are the flow rates for your showers?
Flow rates can vary from the type of water system you are using. For further information on all product flow rates, download the Specification Guide.

How do I care for the product?
Use soapy water to clean the controls as abrasive products will harm the brass controls and it won’t be covered under any guarantee.

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