Cultured Mineral Marble Basins

The Benefits

Cultured mineral marble basins are produced from natural mineral and stone particles, polyester and resin bonding agents. Cast in specially made moulds the basins are finished in a tough, hardwearing scratch resistant Gelcoat® with a perfect white gloss finish.

The uniform surface is warm to the touch by cleverly adopting the ambient room temperature. The surface finish unlike ceramic lacks any pores or gaps so is easy to maintain and clean.

Additional benefits of cultured mineral marble are:
The potential of highly defined and unique designs that is simply not achievable with ceramic.
Manufacturing tolerances so minimal that bases are always flat resulting in unsurpassed countertop and furniture basin quality.
Resistant to sunlight (UV).
Impact resistant
Can be repaired if accidentally damaged.

We recommend that basins are cleaned with Mineral Basin Cream Polish SD150RW

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