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DUROCOAT® MATERIAL | Luxury bathrooms UK, Crosswater Holdings


High Performance Basin Material

An innovative new washbasin material made to face the challenges of everyday life, DUROCOAT® MATERIAL ensures the finest colour, performance, durability and strength for your bathroom.

Highly resistant and ultra hygienic

Offering 35% more durability thanks to its thick and compact layer, this high performance material protects the surface and ensures the smooth finish of your basin is maintained for years to come. Warm to the touch and fully de-aerated, this resilient material forms a uniform core structure from layers of identical density and durability that protects against cracking and any potential damage from everyday use or cleaning.

Not only is it flawlessly smooth and very easy to clean, the DUROCOAT® MATERIAL is also extremely hygienic. With lower levels of porosity, the uniform surface prevents the build up of bacteria and dirt, resulting in a cleaner, safer bathroom environment.


Long lasting finish - guaranteed to retain its gloss

The truly unique properties of the DUROCOAT® MATERIAL make cleaning and general maintenance easy and undemanding. Constant contact with water, cosmetics and chemical agents will not affect the perfect gloss of the surface and products are guaranteed to retain their shine and smooth finish year after year.

35% more resistant to accidental damage

Thanks to its unique technological properties, the DUROCOAT® MATERIAL demonstrates a 35% increase in durability over comparable materials. A perfect balance between hardness and flexibility prevents the material from cracking due to impact and higher temperatures.

Thicker coating - combining strength, style and durability

To meet the ever-growing demands of our customers, we are constantly looking to improve our products. We look for cutting-edge solutions and the very best quality materials that will cope with the demands of everyday life with ease. As a result, we have created a ground-breaking new material that combines strength, style and durability. A material that can be easily shaped to create beautiful products, yet remains shock-resistant and maintains its quality for years to come.

Scratch resistant - improved resistance in contact with sharp objects

Suited to even the busiest bathrooms, the DUROCOAT® MATERIAL offers an extremely high scratch-resistance. With a solid and tough surface, the density of the top finish protects the core material from any accidental or unwanted damage.

Svelte Furniture Collection

DUROCOAT® MATERIAL basins are currently only available on the Svelte furniture collection.

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