Multifunction Valves

The all-in-one complete showering experience

The all-in-one complete showering experience, multifunctional valves offer a host of fabulously advanced design features and incorporate a versatile handset, overhead shower and valve in one single product. With magnificent styling, an unbeatable directional showering performance, thermostatic control and excellent eco benefits, our superior range is not only smart and modish but also incredibly easy to use.


Fail-safe thermostatic control, maintaining selected temperature to within +/- 1.5°C

Water pressure: 1bar minimum

Integral shower head and handsets

Smooth height adjustable directional hand sets

Ceramic disc control for smoother operation

Quick transfer of water from hand set to overhead shower

Automatic safety shutdown should the hot or cold water supply fail

Flow control with integral diverter

Touch Safe technology

Temperature control has a built-in safety stop at 38°C with manual override for a safer shower

Water Save button reduces water consumption, with manual override Simple to install

15 year guarantee

Optional Neoperl® flow regulators to limit shower output to 8 or 6 litres per minute

Shower head features

Ball joint adjustable angle fixed head

Smooth slide up and down hand set

Intelligent water distribution

Full height handset adjustment

1500mm hose

Grey or chrome faced head

Wipe clean nozzles

Features shown above are generic and may not apply to all Crosswater Multifunction Valves, please check product details for specific information.