Plus+Ton ceramic basins

A New Standard In Ceramic Basins

A new standard of ceramic material that is recyclable and produced without any emissions Plus+Ton is 100% eco-friendly. The ceramic surface is completely scratch-proof, stain-proof, as well as almost 100% Eco friendly. The core fire clay has been specially formulated to create the densest, strongest yet smoothest ceramic.

Stain proof - never be worried by spills again

Plus+Ton is non-porous thus making it virtually impossible for any solvent or liquid to penetrate the glazed finish and prevent the build-up of limescale deposits. Stains are simply removed with water leaving the tray as good as new. Certified stain-proof according to the UNI4543/2 regulation.

72 hrs
Hair Dye
72 hrs
Nail Polish
72 hrs
Hydrochloric Acid
16 hrs
Silver Nitrate
72 hrs
Lodine Dye
72 hrs
Methylene Blue
72 hrs
Potassium Permanganate
72 hrs

Scratch proof - brilliant enduring finish

The surface is 100% scratch-proof and guaranteed to keep the same brilliancy of finish as the day it was installed. Each basin is rigorously tested against abrasion and scratching, time and time again tests prove perfect resistance properties that exceed the requirements of the current industry standards. Simply clean scratches with a scoring pad and water.

Bacteria Resistant - eradicate germs

On average there are more bacteria in one hand than people on earth! On non-protected areas the number of bacteria can double every 20 minutes, none more so than in the bathroom.

Plus+Ton includes Bacterclean* as standard a revolutionary non-toxic  antibacterial treatment, achieved by the high temperature glaze process.  Bacterclean® complies with the world’s most stringent quality standard JIS Z 2801:2000 (ISO 22196:2007).

Made in Italy - designed for the UK

All of our ceramic sanitary ware is manufactured in Italy yet designed specifically for use in UK bathrooms.

Certified 100% made in Italy.

Plus+Ton ceramic basins

The Plus+Ton basins are available in two elegant ranges.

Plus+Ton Shower Trays

In addition to our Plus+Ton collection of basins, we also offer a wide choice of Plus+Ton shower trays.

  • Plus+Ton Shower Trays