Pump assisted

Pump assisted

High pressure systems (MP to HP4)

  • You have a booster pump fitted.

Where a gravity flow of water is in excess of 0.6lpm, this is known as a ‘Positive Head’ condition (e.g. when your shower head is positioned lower than your cold water storage tank). In this situation, a positive shower pump can be used. A ‘Negative Head’ condition is when the gravity flow of water is less than 0.6lpm (e.g. when your shower head is positioned above the cold water tank level). In these conditions, a negative head pump must be used. 

Negative shower pumps will work in both positive and negative head conditions. So for example, in a situation where there is a shower head above and below the water tank level; one negative shower pump can be used for both. 

With the right pump, you can choose any of our products.