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A Year for Luxurious Brassware


2024 is upon us, and with it is expected to come some truly stunning interior design trends. Bathrooms are no longer simply a place for cleansing. Instead, they are moving towards tranquil spaces that act as an escape from the outside world. And with the indulgence that comes from peaceful relaxation, it’s important that the elements within the bathroom are just as luxurious. 

Bringing together the need for a place to unwind and luxurious design, we’ve picked out our top brassware ranges that are in keeping with the bathroom trends expected for 2024. 


Fluted Detailing and A Focus on Texture


Texture has been a key player in interior design over the last year and this year we will see it move more and more into the bathroom, particularly in the form of fluted designs. While it is likely that we’ll be seeing a lot of this texture in furniture, the beauty of the fluted detail can also be brought into the bathroom in other ways, such as brassware.

Our LIMIT brassware range was formed from an exploration of harmony between shape and texture, bringing the essence of the fluted texture into brassware. Fluid grooves run along the surface, providing a beautifully unexpected appearance. With precisely engineered and chamfered angles, the resulting brassware draws attention, promotes interaction and removes sharp reflections. With LIMIT brassware encompassing both bath and basin, you can feature this unique and bold texture across the whole bathroom. 

The Perfect Finishing Touch


In 2024, bathrooms are becoming an expansion of our living spaces. This calls for greater choice in bathroom design to allow for the space to integrate perfectly with the rest of the home. This also creates a greater need for ergonomic design and products designed with multiple users in mind. Our personal favourite for a unique design focused on usability is our LAZO brassware range.

Perfect for family bathrooms and ensuites alike, LAZO brings playfulness and youthful interaction into the bathroom. Protesting the mundane, LAZO’s form explores how we can bring youthful joy into our surroundings through the unavoidable playfulness of loops. Inspired by the demand for a practical and modern design for easier interaction, LAZO brassware offers the perfect finishing touch to your contemporary bathroom design. Providing the ideal blend of form and function, this ergonomic design increases accessibility across basins and baths for all the family. 

Luxury Through and Through


As mentioned, luxurious spaces are a big thing in interior design this year. This comes from the emerging want for a space full of wellness and a spa-like atmosphere. A luxurious experience enhances the daily routine into something mindful. Luxury and sophistication can be brought into your bathroom design through a selection of products, but our favourite is the FOILE brassware range.

Unique, precise and minimalist, FOILE brassware was born from a study of aerodynamics, producing a sophisticated collection influenced by the forces of nature and its role to challenge us. At its very core, aerodynamics seeks to overcome resistance. It demands the removal of excess. In this way, FOILE resolves to discard the unnecessary and allow the simplicity of beautiful, luxurious design to shine through. 

Sustainable Design


While a focus on looking after the environment isn’t a new thing, with every year that passes it is growing in importance, becoming a key player in interior design. 2024 is a great time to consider the way we live, the products we buy and if our homes are sustainable. Advocating sustainable design is our 3ONE6 LEVER brassware range.

Expanding the much-loved 3ONE6 range, 3ONE6 LEVER takes all the excellent qualities of 316 grade stainless steel and combines them with a new, timeless design that focuses on the material’s inherent beauty. 316 grade stainless steel is incredibly durable and increasingly resistant to corrosion and heat. From basins to baths and showers, the 3ONE6 LEVER collection delivers brassware that is hygienic and antibacterial, endlessly recyclable and virtually clean free. 

The Beauty of Metallic Finishes


While Chrome will always be king in the bathroom sphere, a new type of colour finish is on the rise – metallics. Providing the opportunity for a more unique bathroom design that is tailored to you, it’s no wonder metallic colours will remain popular in 2024. If you’re looking for a modern bathroom design that takes centre stage and provides a calm, nurturing environment, take a look at our Slate and Brushed Bronze brassware finishes.

Providing a cooler tone, Slate offers a high contrast with a soft finish pairing beautifully with white tile schemes, light wood tones and pale paints. Brushed Bronze is a warm metal, reminiscent of a Sahara sunset, pairing wonderfully with a wide range of woods, soft furnishings, and warm or neutral paints.

This year we will also see a focus on cohesive bathroom design with one finish used throughout. Our Slate and Brushed Bronze finishes extend to our accessories and showering brassware for a fully coordinated design. 

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