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Create Your Luxury Shower Escape

Whether it’s your time to unwind, your time to be mindful, or your time to get energised, a shower can be a rejuvenating experience. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a sensational shower at our fingertips every day? That’s why we’re here to help you create your luxury shower escape.

Crosswater Gallery shower enclosure in a blue and white bathroom

Step One: Choose Your Shower Enclosure

While your available space will somewhat determine your bathroom design, the brilliant thing about our flexible modular glass panels is that you still have so many possibilities to choose from. This allows you to personalise the layout of your shower to fit your individual style and the size of your bathroom. 

With our Gallery shower enclosers, you also receive the ultimate glass protection. Our Crosswater Clear glass treatment prevents limescale and the build up of soap or shampoo. The coating is perfectly flat and invisible, ensuring that dirt and liquids slide off, making it quicker and easier to clean. 

Designing your personalised shower enclosure doesn’t stop at just deciding on your layout. Our stabilising fixtures within the Gallery collection are also flexible and customisable. Not only are there a range of styles to choose from, they come in a range of finishes so that your shower enclosure can be seamlessly integrated into your overall bathroom design. You can choose from Brushed Brass, Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel and Matt Black. 

Step Two: Pick Your Shower Base

Our Gallery glass enclosures can be installed with either a shower tray or as part of a full wet room. If it’s a shower tray that you’re after, our wide selection allows you to find the shape and size that is perfect for your space. 

Crosswater shower trays are designed with high-quality functionality in mind. Their design ensures the most effective drainage of water, reducing the amount that builds up around the waste point while retaining a virtually flat drainage surface, giving you the ultimate comfort. This makes your shower tray an important consideration when creating your luxury shower.

Crosswater Tranquil showerhead in black in a white bathroom design

Step Three: Choose Your Shower Head

To achieve your perfect shower escape, of course it has to look good. But it has to feel good too. That’s why we offer a range of flow systems. Whether you’re after a tranquil experience, or an invigorating pressure to get you energised, our Tranquil collection has got you covered. Incorporating the Tranquil 380 Multi Flow into your shower design means you can choose between a relaxing or an intense rainfall, allowing you to adjust your luxury shower experience on a day-to-day basis.  

Our shower heads also come with a range of finishes, including Brushed Brass, Matt Black, Brushed Stainless Steel and Polished Stainless Steel. Allowing you to create a complete co-ordinated shower.

Crosswater Module handle shower valve in Chrome

Step Four: Choose Your Shower Valve 

The final step to completing your luxury shower design is to select your shower valve. With our Module collection, you have a range of choices depending on the shower experience you are looking for. From a minimal two handles, to the addition of a bath spout and handset, this range allows you to fully customise your shower design to fit the desired purpose. And, with the same range of finishes as our showerheads and stabilising bars, your shower valve can be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your shower design to create a complete luxury shower solution.

All of our shower valves also come with a 15-year guarantee, so you can continue to enjoy your shower escape for years to come.

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