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Your Guide to Shower Valves


When designing your perfect shower escape, choosing your shower valve is an important decision. After all, it’s the main function of your shower as well as the part that you will interact with the most. But with hundreds of shower valves to choose from, finding the right product for you can prove difficult. We’re here to navigate you through both the technical and the creative aspects to help you find the perfect shower valve for your contemporary shower set up.


Before exploring the design, style and appearance of your shower valve, it’s important to first look into a few technical aspects to make sure you are buying a product that is compatible with the workings of both your house and your shower layout. 

Outlets and Handles 

When searching for your perfect valve, we’re sure you’ve come across products that have various combinations of outlets and handles. So, what does it mean? The number of outlets you need is all determined by the number of functions you have in your shower layout. If you have a single shower head, then you only need one outlet. Maybe you’ve chosen a shower head and handset, in which case you have two functions and will need two outlets. Or, if you’ve got a full set up of shower head, handset and bath spout, you will need three outlets to have them all controlled by the same valve. 

The number of handles you need is partially down to personal preference. If you have two functions on your shower and opt for two handles, then one of your handles will be in control of two different functions, depending on which direction it is turned. However, if you opt for three handles in the same set up, you will have one handle per function. 

What Water System Do You Have?

Possibly the most important thing to know is what water system you have as this determines which product you need. Each product is detailed with the water pressure that is required for it to work. Knowing your water system will help you narrow down your search for the perfect shower valve and make sure the product works as you want it to in your home. 

Gravity System

Most homes in the UK have a gravity system. This type of water system produces a low water pressure, for which you will want a valve compatible with between 0.1 – 1.0 BAR or 1.45 – 14.5 PSI.

If you have a gravity system and have a shower product that has multiple functions or requires higher pressure, then you will need to look into installing a pump into your water system.

Combi Boiler

A modern combination boiler will provide a slightly higher water pressure than a gravity system, approximately around 1.5 BAR or 21.7 PSI.

It’s important to note, however, that if you have opted for a multifunctional shower head, the flow of water may be restricted.

Pressurised Water Systems

This water systems provides the highest amount of water pressure, with a minimum of 2.0 BAR or 29 PSI required as a specification of your shower valve.

These systems can be good for more demanding products and will generally provide a better performance.

Recessed or Exposed Valve?

Part of designing the appearance of your shower escape is deciding between a recessed or exposed shower valve. But with this comes a consideration of the space available. A recessed shower valve gives a sleek appearance, with just the front plate and handles visible. This requires a cavity or space within the wall, at a minimum of four inches in depth. If your wall is too thin to allow for this or if you don’t have access to the wall, then an exposed shower valve will be more appropriate.


Now that you know what type of shower valve you need, it’s your chance to get creative and choose the style, design and colour finish you love.


Pick Your Style

Whether you’re creating a timeless, traditional or modern bathroom design, find a shower valve that perfectly matches your style:

Shop By Colour

Make your new shower valve integrate seamlessly into your bathroom colour scheme with our matching brassware finish guarantee. Take a browse through the range of shower valves available in our most popular finishes.

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