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Engineered stone shower trays: the very best in modern bathroom design 


When you think about comfort in your home, shower trays probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. And when considering warmth underfoot, you’re probably picturing flooring, underfloor heating or the softness of carpet between your toes. But why not bring the same idea of comfort into your modern bathroom design?

We put a lot of pressure on our feet throughout the day, so it’s important to treat your feet whenever you can. With our new Creo and Vito engineered stone shower trays, this has never been easier. The new range of engineered stone shower trays are the very best in shower tray design, form and function and are jam-packed with features that make your shower experience a pleasure every time. Let’s take a closer look…

Introducing CREO and VITO

Innovation, creativity, comfort and efficiency are the formative inspirations behind our two new collections of 25mm engineered stone shower trays: Creo and Vito. From the use of an amazing material and a deep consideration for sustainability, to enhanced design and technology, and a focus on relaxation and wellbeing, Creo and Vito shower trays truly offer the ultimate luxury shower experience. 

New Vito engineered stone shower tray, designed with comfort, innovation and contemporary style in mind.

Engineered Stone: Why Is It So Special?

Each Creo and Vito shower tray is made from 100% recyclable Dolomite engineered stone, making them stronger and more durable than other common shower tray materials. Rigorously tested for impact and thermal shock resistance, our engineered stone shower trays offer a level of quality that is hard to come by. 

The high concentration of natural Dolomite stone allows the shower tray to retain the water temperature for longer, meaning that the tray is warm to the touch – a must-have sensory treat if ultimate indulgence is high on your showering wishlist. The engineered stone composition of the tray also creates natural sound insulation, promising a private and peaceful shower experience. 

New engineered stone 25mm shower trays. The very best in shower tray design, form and function.

Innovative Design Down To The Finest Detail

While it may not seem like such an important element, the way a waste system is designed on your shower tray really makes all the difference when it comes to enhancing your shower experience. Both Creo and Vito are designed with a high-flow central or linear drainage system and almost invisible gullies, so surface pools of water rapidly disperse. And, with a completely flat vista and no hard ridges to step on, you can expect a great experience every time.

The drainage system is designed in such a way to ensure a high flow of water drainage, while stopping unwanted materials flowing through. As a secondary measure, the waste system itself also includes a hair trap, making it almost impossible for anything but liquid to enter your drain.

Expertly Finished For Long Lasting Quality 

Hand finished to perfection, the Creo and Vito engineered stone shower trays not only remain looking stunning, they are incredibly hygienic too. Each tray is finished with a high-quality White Gloss coating which is both colourfast and stain resistant. This means that no matter where your shower is situated in your modern bathroom design, you don’t need to worry about discolouration from external sources. Day to day chemicals, such as hair dyes and shampoos, wash away without a stain. 

Our engineered stone shower trays are also protected with a Nanocoat finish. This gelcoat ensures the surface is non-porous, giving bacteria no small nooks and crannies in which to hide. Permanent by design, the coating keeps your shower tray antibacterial and hygienic for the entirety of its lifetime. 

Creo and Vito engineered stone shower trays bringing innovation and creativity to your shower.

Sustainable From Creation To Delivery

Creo and Vito shower trays are produced in a factory that uses 100% solar energy. The factory also ensures that there is no release of harmful chemicals into the environment during production. Made from Dolomite stone, the shower trays themselves are 100% recyclable, so any mistakes or additional materials simply get repurposed. 

The use of Dolomite stone also improves the production process. Compared to other common shower tray materials, these trays use considerably less energy to make and produce less heat when mixing the stone resin solution. And it doesn’t stop at creation. Every engineered stone shower tray is shipped with 0% plastic and a minimum of 40% recycled packaging.

A bathroom is a sacred space for relaxation and wellness. Enhance your serene experience with a Creo and Vito engineered stone shower tray and create a tranquil shower enclosure from the ground up.

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