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Décor To Elevate Your Modern Bathroom Design


The right finishing touches can turn a modern bathroom design into a spectacularly luxurious interior. From modern bathroom accessories and radiators, to relaxing showers and breathtaking lighting, discover the perfect décor to transform your bathroom. 

Complete your modern bathroom design with these luxurious bathroom accessories

Revive Shower Head


Some days call for a vigorous shower to wash away the day, while other require a soothing envelopment of water. No matter your daily need, transform your shower into a wellness haven with the Revive Multiflow Shower Head. With three water modes and an adjustable shower head, bring maximum comfort into your modern bathroom design. 

Choose Rainfall for a luxurious shower to wash away the day, Massage for an energising shower with intermittent massaging, or Soft Flow for a relaxing shower that cocoons you in water. 

Trending Brushed Bronze modern bathroom accessories.

Modern Bathroom Accessories 


When it comes to finishing touches, nothing makes a bathroom design pop like accessories. Recently redesigned, our most loved bathroom accessories collection adds an element of beauty to any modern bathroom design. MPRO accessories are sleek, stylish and modern and available in a wide range of finishes to suit any style. 

Even the fine details count when it comes to modern bathroom accessories. Keep your luxury shower enclosure tidy and show-stopping with our all new Wall Mounted Shower Baskets. Made from Stainless Steel, they are sturdy, strong and durable by design. With three hooks located underneath, one bathroom accessory is all it takes to achieve a neat and refined shower enclosure. 

Brighten up your bathroom with these modern bathroom lights.

Tranquil Lighting 


Lighting can have a transformative effect but is often overlooked when considering bathroom design. With the new Tranquil lights collection, you can achieve the perfect lighting for the mood and style you desire. And the great thing is, it doesn’t stop at the bathroom. These lighting fixtures can be used across the home to provide coordinated décor throughout. 

Available as a Pillar, Pendant or Halo, bring luxury into your home décor and create the perfect atmosphere with customisable mood lighting in your bathroom design. 

Big, bold and beautiful modern bathroom interior

Modern Bathroom Radiator 


Nothing enhances a bathroom design like a modern bathroom radiator, providing the comfort and relaxation of the embrace of a warm towel after every shower or bath. The Limit Towel Warmer has a slimline modern physique to keep your bathroom design refined and fresh. Available in Metallic Black, Matt Black and White Matt, this modern bathroom radiator can harmonise with any bathroom design.  

Looking for even more bathroom accessories? Check out our full range here to complete your perfect modern bathroom design.

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