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Add A Touch of Elegance to Your Bathroom with Metallic Brassware 


While Chrome will always be king in the bathroom sphere, a new type of colour finish is on the rise: metallics. Providing the opportunity for a more unique bathroom design that is tailored to you, it’s no wonder metallic colours have grown into one of this year’s most important interior design styles. If you’re looking for a modern bathroom design that takes centre stage and provides a calm, nurturing environment, then metallic brassware finishes could be the key ingredient in your next bathroom remodel.

Achieve elegance in your modern bathroom design with Brushed Bronze.

A Pinch of Luxury


With metallic brassware finishes comes individuality, beauty and luxury. Muted colourings, such as Slate and Brushed Bronze, bring forth rich metal earthy tones, expelling a nurturing, warm feeling archetypal for any tranquil bathroom interior. 

Known for their rarity and elusiveness, metallic colourings add a touch of understated luxury. This makes for a great way to subtly add colour into your bathroom design while incorporating warmth and grandeur. A timeless design, the subtle, muted nature of metallic finishes harmonises well with many other trending materials in bathroom design, such as stone basins and wooden furniture.

Slate brassware is a great idea for any calming bathroom design.

Bring Metallic Beauty into Your Bathroom Design


To help you create a personalised, unique bathroom interior, Crosswater have introduced two new stunning brassware finishes: Brushed Bronze and Slate. These metallic accents can harmonise wonderfully with any bathroom scheme, allowing you to create the rejuvenating escape you need. And, with our metallic accent linking, you can be sure that all your bathroom brassware will perfectly coordinate across the whole of your bathroom.

A subtle inclusion of sophistication with Slate basin brassware in this modern bathroom design.
Bringing the warmth of a sunset, this basin tap in Brushed Bronze creates a nurturing environment.
Create a rustic, relaxing bathroom space with the subtle coolness of Slate.

Slate: The Epitome of Modern Sophistication


Providing a cooler tone, Slate pairs beautifully with white tile schemes, light wood tones and pale paints, creating a balanced, subtle colour accent. 

Slate offers a high contrast with a softer finish than the standard Matt Black. This allows it to mix easily with any colour, whether you prefer full tonal spaces or bold colourful interiors. The subtle brushing on this finish works well with high gloss tiles for contrast, or matte finishes for a sense of calm.

This deep blue bathroom interior is perfectly finished with Brushed Bronze brassware.

Brushed Bronze: Embrace the Sunset 

Brushed Bronze is a warm metal, reminiscent of a Sahara sunset. It pairs wonderfully with a wide range of woods, soft furnishings, and warm or neutral paints. 

The warm tones of this finish instantly add a sense of luxury to any space, pairing perfectly with terracotta or dark, moody deep blues. Choose tiles with a bit of texture to create natural balance.

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