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18 October 2021


Making considerable contributions to wellness and recognised for their ease within multi-generational households, homeowners are embracing the benefits of showers, with some going as far as to replace the bath completely within their contemporary small bathroom.

A deluge of water that helps to kick-start the day and unwind in the evening, showering not only offers countless wellbeing benefits, but also uses significantly less water than a bath for an eco-friendlier option. Often less intrusive than a bath, showers offer a modern alternative that excels in smaller spaces, with great design, impressive practicality and an array of options to suit every small luxurious bathroom.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Transform your space into a small luxurious bathroom with Crosswater

An Illusion with Frameless Showers

“The elegance of a frameless glass shower enclosure can streamline your bathroom. It adds a very sleek feel and enhances the sense of the space too. With no frame, the space appears open, and this tricks the eye into thinking the room is bigger.” Shaf Member from QS Supplies (A Crosswater Retailer).

Easy to install, frameless glass showers bring an ultra-modern look to the contemporary small bathroom, with an option to be fitted with a low-level tray or directly onto the floor for preferred design. With sliding doors, hinged doors and quadrant options available, frameless glass showers provide a clean, minimal look – working particularly well within a recess between two walls to save on floor space.

And with a frameless design that has fewer places for grime to collect, these showers require minimal cleaning – an added benefit!

Contemporary Small Bathroom | For a small modern shower of dreams, look no further than contemporary walk in showers

Think Corners

A popular choice within many contemporary small bathrooms, corner walk in showers have a clipped corner to create an opening to the shower that can be entered from the centre of the space. Contemporary walk-in showers, like this GALLERY 10 Corner with Hinged Deflector, have been impressively designed to provide accessibility in even the tightest of spaces, making them ideal for small luxurious bathrooms. Add an optional Fixed panel or Deflector panel to your design to prevent excess splash.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Easy access and always stylish, discover contemporary walk in showers to suit every lifestyle

Walk-In Showers

Elegantly designed without doors, contemporary walk-in showers are ideal for homeowners looking to make the most of their small luxurious bathroom. Constructed with glass panels in a way that has at least one end open to the room as an entry and exit point, walk in showers allow for easy access, particularly when paired with an ultra-low level shower tray.

Contemporary walk-in showers can be installed in many areas of the bathroom, including a corner, recess or along a straight wall. For a corner walk in shower, use two glass panels, or use a single glass panel for a recess. You can even create a walk-through shower along a straight wall using a glass panel with arms attached to the ceiling or wall for a solution provides an entrance at both ends. Should you choose to add a walk in to your contemporary small bathroom, there is a solution for every space.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Discover a small modern shower perfect for tiny bathrooms

Square Enclosures

Measuring equal lengths on all four sides, Square shower enclosures can provide an illusion of a larger space when positioned snugly against a corner or along a wall to save space. To heighten the illusion of maximal space, opt for a frameless glass shower design for an uninterrupted look in your contemporary small bathroom.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Discover a space-saving small modern shower solution with Quadrant showers

Quadrant Enclosures

Ideal for small luxurious bathrooms and ensuites, Quadrant shower enclosures feature a curved front to save on floor space whilst still providing ample room to shower. Fitting snugly into the corner of a room, Quadrant shower enclosures are available in numerous sizes and styles for a desired contemporary small bathroom look. 

Doors Make a Difference...

Small modern bathroom | Create a beautiful minimalist bathroom design with space-saving bi-fold shower doors

Bifold Doors

Stylish and practical, bifold doors are an obvious choice for the contemporary small bathroom as they feature a clever design that folds inwards as the perfect way to save space. With a variety of sizes to offer, bifold doors can be used with a side panel for a corner solution or placed between two walls to utilise a recess.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Bring an innovative small modern shower solution to your home with sliding doors

Sliding Doors

Providing an excellent alternative to maximise space, sliding shower enclosures feature a fixed panel and a moving panel that slides behind to create an entrance and exit. With the option to be installed in a recess or in a corner with a side panel, sliding doors are a great addition for contemporary small bathrooms.

Things to consider...

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Enhance the look of your small luxurious bathroom with a range of shower glass thicknesses
Glass Thickness 

Glass panels for the shower can come in various thicknesses, impacting the sturdiness of the shower. While a 6mm glass thickness is more than enough to exceed demands of the everyday, 8mm and 10mm provide a step up in luxury, with 10mm toughened glass providing the best durability for the ultimate luxury showering experience.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Offering standout design with low maintenance, discover the benefits of Crosswater's small modern showers
Minimal Cleaning

Ensuring water droplets bounce off while repelling dirt and limescale, Crosswater Clear protective and transparent coating ensures maintenance and cleaning of your small modern shower is almost effortless.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Uncover the right shower tray for a small modern shower of complete luxury
Top to Bottom Luxury

The foundation of your shower, your shower tray is just as important as your enclosure for the best overall showering experience. Avoid shower trays constructed from lightweight materials as these can move and break the seal of your shower. Instead, consider an Acrylic shower tray with a steel reinforcing frame or Stone Resin tray to bring complete peace of mind to your contemporary small bathroom.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Capture luxury inside and out of your small modern shower with showering kits
Stylish Shower Kits to Refine Design

Found the perfect small modern shower? Complete your look with a shower kit to enhance your small luxurious bathroom design. Fixed shower heads can be attached to the wall or ceiling and fitted directly overhead for a convenient showering experience. With an array of styles and sizes available, including recessed designs that fit into the ceiling, shower heads bring a sleek look to the shower.

Further luxury in your small modern shower with a showering handset. A great way to direct water to different areas, handsets add practicality to cleansing, while also making it easier to clean the inside of the shower. Often featured with a wall outlet, handsets can be installed with a slide rail bar for easy height adjustment to improve the showering experience for every user.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Capture modernity in your home with a small modern shower design
Measurement Requirements

While the general measurement for your shower is 36 square inches, you can get away with a small modern shower measuring as little as 30 square inches.

When choosing your new shower enclosure, measure the depth, height and width of your allocated space twice to make sure all measurements are correct. Planning to fit your enclosure between two walls? To ensure correct measurements, take these at least three times at different heights as the distance between the walls is not always consistent. If you’re looking to install a shower enclosure in the corner of your contemporary small bathroom, you’ll need to measure from the outside of the shower tray to the wall on each side.

Contemporary Small Bathroom | Discover The Home of Showering for everything you need to create the perfect small modern shower
A Look for Every Budget

From minimal costs to no expenses spared, the Home of Showering has everything you need to create the ultimate shower that maximises space in your contemporary small bathroom. It is worth noting that certain factors can greatly impact price – something to take into consideration when deciding upon a budget.

For instance, thicker glass panels make for more robust enclosures and this premium is reflected within a higher price. Each with their own benefits, price can also fluctuate depending on the style you end up choosing, with some costing more than others. With a budget in mind, you can begin browsing stylish, practical and space-saving showers for a solution that integrates seamlessly into your contemporary small bathroom. 

Explore our Showering Ranges and more with QS Supplies here.

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