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Personalise Your Bathroom Design 


Our homes are our sanctuaries, a place to escape from the world and be our true selves. A relaxing space can easily be achieved with the right colours and styles. But nothing makes our homes a haven like personalising the space. 

With designs tailored to our favourite colours, styles and textures, we can turn our homes into the ultimate space of relaxation, happiness and wellness. Discover how you can begin to personalise your bathroom space with the wide range of customisation options Crosswater offers… 


How To Bring That Personal Touch To Your Bathroom Design 


Personalising your interior can come in many forms. For some, it means adding a few finishing touches that appeal to them, for others it can mean going bold and colour-drenching your home in your favourite colours. 

Whatever look you are trying to achieve, the principle is the same. It all comes down to colours, textures and styles. If green makes you happy, bring this colour into your design no matter how small or large. If an ultra-modern, unique style brings you joy, focus on finding products that fit this style. It’s all about loving your space. 




The easiest way to make your space personal to you is through colour. Turn your bathroom design into a personal wellness haven with the wide selection of colours found in our furniture range. With colours suitable for light and dark colour schemes, and everything in between, find that pop of colour that brings a spark of comfort and happiness whenever you see it.

If you’re designing for a smaller space, our Alo furniture unit is a great place to start. Available in 12 different colour finishes, Alo offers a wonderful selection to help you find the colour that resonates with you most. For bold and beautiful designs, opt for Soft Clay or Sage Green, or if the look of a natural wood grain is something you love, opt for Nordic Oak, Steelwood or Windsor Oak. 

Bring the delight of colour into your larger bathroom designs too with the finish options of Mada and Canvass. The Deep Indigo Blue offered by both furniture styles brings a regal, sophisticated, and yet still incredibly calming, atmosphere to your bathroom design. 

Sometimes we don’t need a strong, bold colour to enjoy our spaces. Traditional whites, greys and light woods offer a timeless design that is loved for a reason. A light, bright space can leave us feeling refreshed and turn our homes into a place of positivity. 

Whatever your colour scheme, find a colour that brings you joy with the Crosswater furniture range. With floor standing and wall hung furniture options available, you can also personalise your furniture design to fit the style you like most.


Colour in our designs isn’t limited to the colour of our furniture. The metallic finish of the brassware, showering and accessories in your bathroom design can make all the difference. And with a wide range of finishes to choose from, you can create a bathroom design that is truly you. 

A classic Chrome finish can bring a bright sparkle to your bathroom, giving a fresh, clean atmosphere, while the muted shine of 316 Stainless Steel can bring the same timeless appeal with a dampened, subtle shine. For a more unique bathroom design, opt for the coolness of Slate or the warmth of Brushed Bronze brassware and accessories.  

A popular finish, Brushed Brass can bring the luxury of a golden appearance to your bathroom design, while Matt Black adds sophistication and elegance. 

Perfect for any bathroom colour scheme or personal colour preference, our metallic finish options allow you to create a bathroom design that is unique to you. And with our colour-matching ability across basin and bath brassware, showering and accessories, bring your favourite metallic finish to every element of your bathroom. 




Texture is often a less obvious consideration when it comes to personalising our spaces, and yet it can add so much to your bathroom design. Adding another layer to your interior, textures can elevate the atmosphere of your bathroom, particularly if you are looking to bring a more interesting design into your space. 

A popular current trend when it comes to bathroom design is a fluted texture. Often found on wood finishes, this texture brings a sense of natural imperfection combined with the gentleness of the curved ridges. Our Limit and Flute furniture collections provide two beautiful options to incorporate this texture into your bathroom design. 

Textured furniture can also bring a unique element to your bathroom. Add a touch of personal flair with the Vergo furniture collection. With its sensational crosshatched texture, Vergo wall hung furniture brings style to the bathroom.




The third way to personalise your bathroom interior is through the style you choose. A modern design featuring unique shapes and rigid lines can lift your bathroom interior into an artistic or opulent space. A traditional style can bring beauty and elegance while a timeless style can help you achieve a neutral atmosphere. Whatever style resonates with you the most, find brassware to match your style with Crosswater’s extensive brassware options. 

For a truly modern design, opt for ranges such as Limit and Foile. Our Belgravia collection offers the beauty of traditional design and creates a regal aura in your bathroom. If a timeless style is what you’re after, opt for the subtle designs of 3ONE6 and 3ONE6 Lever


With such a broad range of colours, textures and styles available, achieve your dream bathroom today with Crosswater. 


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