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Rediscovering Our Heritage with Innovative Brassware Design


When Crosswater was founded, we started off as primarily a brassware company, establishing ourselves as a leader in brassware design. Over the years, we have expanded our collections to provide complete bathroom solutions. From showers and basins to WCs and furniture, a whole contemporary bathroom can be designed with Crosswater products. 

This year, we thought it was a good time to get back to our roots and put the spotlight back on brassware. That’s why we’ve got four new beautifully designed brassware ranges to elevate the modern bathroom to a whole new level of sophistication. 

Let’s take a closer look…

FOILE: A Study of Aerodynamics 


Drawing inspiration from aerodynamics, FOILE introduces a sophisticated collection of brassware influenced by the forces of nature. At its very core, aerodynamics seeks to overcome resistance. It demands the removal of excess. In this way, FOILE resolves to discard the unnecessary and allow the simplicity of its design to speak for itself. FOILE’s unique and precise curvature creates a statement piece in your modern luxury bathroom. 

Providing an opulent and sophisticated design, FOILE’s beauty can be integrated into any bathroom scheme with various brassware available, from basin to shower

Discover innovative modern brassware design with FOILE by Crosswater.
The epitome of luxury bathroom brassware design, FOILE provides a sleek, elegant appearance.

LIMIT: A Daring Expression of Boldness


A proven design style, the LIMIT brassware collection emerges from the study of composition. The exploration of harmony between shape and texture results in a rejection of the ordinary. Like brush strokes from a metallic paintbrush, the fluidity of the grooves along the surface is limitless, with no beginning or end. With precisely engineered and chamfered angles, and the collection’s signature texture, the resulting brassware draws attention, promotes interaction and removes sharp reflections. 

Let the beauty of LIMIT’s texture and design shine through with the range’s selection of basin brassware, bath taps and shower valves. With a matching towel warmer and furniture, create a stunning modern bathroom design with LIMIT.

Modern bathroom brassware design with harmony between shape and texture.
Discover luxury bathroom brassware in the form of LIMIT.

LAZO: Unavoidably Playful 


Playfulness and fun interaction with our environment don’t stop at youth. Protesting the mundane and considering juvenile interaction, LAZO’s form explores how we can bring youthful joy to our surroundings through the unavoidable playfulness of loops. Inspired by the demand for a practical and modern design for easier interaction, LAZO offers a minimal yet softer design with a gentle loop. Providing the ideal blend of form and function, this ergonomic design increases accessibility for all the family. 

The simplicity of LAZO’s design lets the loop become the focus of attention from basin tap to bath mixer

Unavoidably playful, the modern design of LAZO provides enhanced interaction.
For luxurious, modern brassware design, look no further than LAZO.

3ONE6 LEVER: Timeless Beauty 


Expanding the much-loved 3ONE6 range, 3ONE6 LEVER takes all the excellent qualities of 316 grade stainless steel and combines them with a new, timeless design that focused on the material’s inherent beauty. 

316 grade stainless steel is incredibly durable and increasingly resistant to corrosion and heat. From your basin to your bath and shower, the 3ONE6 LEVER collection delivers brassware that is hygienic and antibacterial, endlessly recyclable and virtually clean free. Displaying clean, circular shapes and lever function, 3ONE6 LEVER provides a timeless touch to any modern bathroom design.  

Introducing luxury in design and material with 3ONE6 LEVER
Discover a timeless brassware design with 3ONE6 LEVER
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