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Spa-like luxury bathrooms

Rejuvenate in a spa-like luxury bathroom where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday.  Introduce soft warm woods with industrial style fittings and combine with darker tones to form a luxurious sanctuary. Add an extra relaxation factor with some indoor greenery, proven to reduce stress levels. Match perfectly with a sophisticated marble flooring and statement tiles for a glamourous grown up space of pure satisfaction.

Brassware - Union Brushed Black Chrome | Bathroom Furniture - Infinity in Windsor Oak


(Close match to image - not available from Crosswater)
NYC Subway Poster | ​Renzo Hex Porcelain Tiles | Tuscan Polished Marble Tiles |  Freestanding Bamboo Candle Holder | Areca Palm Plant | Urban Apothecary London Smoked  Leather  Luxury Mini Candles | LYSS Smoked Glass Table Lamp
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