The latest innovation in bathroom hygiene

Nothing is as hygienic as cleaning with water. It gives us a sense of vitality and vigour. It has the power to heal, restore and rejuvenate. We shower in the morning, bath at night and wash our hands in between. Feeling clean is a part of our lives and is almost as natural as breathing itself. Why then, do we give much less consideration to how we cleanse ourselves after we use the bathroom?

Introducing AXENT.ONE – the hygienic way to stay really fresh. All day.


  • Wash function

    A strong but gentle water spray washes you while you are seated on the toilet. The temperature and intensity of the spray can be adjusted easily at the touch of a button.

  • Self-cleaning

    AXENT.ONE is equipped with a nozzle that is cleaned automatically with fresh water before and after every use.

  • Water temperature

    For water temperature adjustment, simply pull out the multifunction dial, turn it and wait for two ‘beeps’ to sound.

  • Night light

    The energy saving LED light provides confortable lighting for use at night.

AXENT.ONE PLUS Additional Features

  • Warm air dryer

    Use the remote control to adjust the temperature of the warm air dryer. The resulting gentle airflow across your skin leaves you feeling clean, fresh and dry.

  • Seat heating

    To maximise comfort, the seat includes adjustable heating that can be set to you individual needs. An integrated sensor detects your presence on the seat and, if set to heat, starts to warm immediately.

  • Deodoriser

    Once the shower toilet’s sensor recognises that you are sitting down, the automatic deodoriser activates. This neutralises odours rapidly, enhancing your experience and improving overall bathroom wellbeing.

  • Massage functions

    The oscillating shower spray, for rear and front wash, provides a thorough, confortable clean. The gentle spray is pleasant and soothing, and you can easily adjust its position and temperature.

The AXENT Collection

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