Posted on 15th September, 2008

Beauty of Black

This shower has a chic black finish around the controls and shower head, creating a bold contrast against the sleek chrome.The distinctive black finish of the controls and showerhead on the Multifunction Thermostatic Shower Valve creates a striking effect against the lustrous chrome finish of the shower rose and hand-held shower head. Many Crosswater options are available in black. The latest Multifunction Thermostatic Shower Valve offers a convenient and luxurious showering experience. The hand-held shower head on a flexible hose is perfect for those who don't want to get their hair wet, whilst the large overhead shower rose ensures lavish all-over coverage. The Multifunction Thermostatic Shower Valve ensures that a maximum temperature can be set allowing safer showering for your children. For more information on Crosswater products, please call 0845 873 8840.

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