Posted on 15th December, 2008

Screen star

Kicking soggy shower curtains into touch once and for all, Simpsons' Semi-Frameless shower screen will keep shower spray neatly contained, without ruining the minimalist lines of a sleek, designer bathroom. Keeping the line of vision clear from obstruction is a well-known space enhancing trick, which is why Simpsons' has taken care to ensure its Semi-Frameless bath screen makes minimal impact on the room. Its design is achievable via its crystal clear 6mm toughened glass construction, which is fixed firmly to the wall by a single chrome bar - leaving the rest of the glass clear. Boasting an ultra-efficient seal where screen meets bath, it is power shower proof so will never leak, even under pressure. Keeping ease of maintenance in mind is another important consideration for busy householders and one that Simpsons takes very seriously. Thus, the new Semi-Frameless bath screen is available with its ClearShield protection: an invisible coating that repels water to eliminate calcium build-up and keep the glass clean and clear with virtually no cleaning required. Installers will also appreciate the 20mm adjustment for a tight fit even on uneven walls, while retailers can enjoy the unique selling point of Simpsons' covetable Lifetime Guarantee, which will impress consumers looking for long-lasting value. The Semi-Frameless bath screen has a reversible design, so can be fitted on the left or right hand side of a bath, and it measures 1500mm high x 850mm wide x 6mm deep. For more information on Simpsons and for a brochure, please call 0845 873 5808 or visit

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