Posted on 19th August, 2009

Crosswater promotes positive thinking in top industry magazine

And that is exactly what Andrew Davies got from Philip Carr and David Hance during a two-hour dialogue and tour of the stunning facilities. This is no time for complacency in business, nor is it a time for being smug if the effects of the credit crunch have not yet hit home. Few are immune and anyone that says they are not worried by what is going on in the economy is probably not in touch with reality. That said, now is the time to be positive, to examine your business, to really know your market and to look for opportunities. At Crosswater, that is exactly our strategy. The essential and most obvious first step has been to ensure that we are not making any unnecessary expenditure by understanding and controlling the cost base of the business. Even so, whereas some companies are pulling back, we are retaining our marketing budget and continuing to market the business in exactly the same way as we have done successfully for a number of years, utilising PR, circulating our brochures and advertising at the same rate. Equally importantly, we are making sure our sales teams are well equipped with the relevant

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