Posted on 8th July, 2014

Bathrooms of the Future – Now!

Thanks to research and development by Crosswater, bathrooms are catching up fast and it is now possible to fill the bath or start the shower using a digital app that communicates with a controller even fill a basin; another product is Bluetooth wireless technology mirrors so you can play music or listen to your favourite radio station in the bathroom.

The app which is free, works on Apple works with all Digital products from Crosswater means the bath can be filled or the shower started while the user is still in bed. Solo is a one way controller, Duo two easy for both the bath and the shower and Elite is the luxury option which allows switching between the bath and the shower, control of the pop up waste, programming of temperature memory settings and more. The controllers can be combined with a selection of fillers from Crosswater, including those that combine either the overflow and filler or the waste and a filler.

The latest addition to the Crosswater Digital range is digital controls for wash basins. Simple controls that move at the touch of a finger and indicate temperature with a colour changing light are the key feature. The controls can be deck or wall mounted, providing the perfect clutter free solution for contemporary sit on basins. Digital control is available on the Wisp and Pro ranges. Wisp is a flat, super slim wall spout available with either a separate digital control that can be deck or wall mounted or on a wall plate that includes the control. Curvy swan neck Pro includes one basin mounted and five wall mounted styles with a choice of longer spouts to suit the latest vessel basins. There is a video clip on the Crosswater website to show how the controls work.

“We live in an age when there are fridges that can connect with the internet and tell you if food is about to go out of date,” says Crosswater Chairman David Hance. “People are accustomed to fast access and clever solutions and there is no reason why the bathroom should lag behind. We are constantly working on new technology led solutions to make bathrooms easier and more convenient to use. These products have an important part to play in future proofing homes too, allowing elderly and less able people to use baths and showers easily and safely.”

Listening to music in the bath or catching up on the Today programme during the morning rush to get ready for work doesn’t mean taking a radio or music player into the bathroom. New Bluetooth enabled mirrors from Bauhaus will pick up the signal from any suitably enabled device and play the content through concealed stereo speakers. The Revive mirror, for example, has a sensor that switches the LED lights on and off and a demister so there’s always a clear view, even if the bath or shower has been running. “These developments are just the start,” says David Hance. “We are committed to technology and to bringing the bathroom into the future.”

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