Posted on 15th May, 2015

The New Era of Ceramics: PLUS+TON

Created from a single fusion at temperatures of 1250°C, PLUS+TON benchmarks ceramic design in the bathroom. The innovative sanitary ware is completely scratch and stain proof. It’s also 100% recyclable and therefore 99% eco-friendly plus it has been produced without using any emissions.

The core fire clay has been specially formatted to create the densest, strongest and smoothest ceramic with a non-porous surface. This makes it virtually impossible for any solvent or liquid including hair dye, nail polish and even hydrochloric acid to penetrate the glazed finish. Spillages can simply be removed with water to leave the tray looking as good as new. This advanced feature also prevents the build up of limescale deposits.

Created using the highest quality of raw materials, PLUS+TON also includes Bacterclean as standard. This is a revolutionary non-toxic antibacterial treatment, achieved by the high temperature glaze process that eliminates the development of pathogenic agents by up to 99%. Made in Italy, it features an ingenious structure that makes it incredibly lightweight. With a thickness of just 30mm, they’re almost 30% lighter than a stone resin tray. With its fully glazed sides, it’s completely reversible and can be installed in any bathroom environment, whether adjacent to walls, in the centre of the room or flush to the floor.

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